Welcome to Coffeecoders.com.

Coffee Coders was a consulting company started by myself, Mark Conrad, and Scott Bond. As of March 2001, it looks like Coffee Coders is no more. In the coming weeks, we will more than likely put up a quick site to show potential employers what we can do.

Right now, if you wish to see an example of Scott's graphical design abilities and my ASP, JSP, and HTML coding abilities, go to http://www.southtrek.com. This site was designed completely by Scott and myself to show people what we could do.

The site look and graphics were done by Scott, and the HTML, ASP, JSP, SQL 7 databases, and Windows 2000 Server were done by me. Most of my abilities are shown in the site, (with the exception of my Visual Basic skills), but Scott has a lot of Macromedia Flash experience which he will more than likely want to show on Coffeecoders.com at a later time.